Friday, May 22, 2009

Beware the wooly adelgid

By reason, no, not by reason, by means of trying to please with the
Exquisite azure I have paid to be seen.
Have paid to be eaten 
Orange Marxist marmalade.
Smear it on your torso and your
Sacrum will ache from all the broom sedge and switch grass-eroo
These are our dispensations for desire 
squared by distance divided by enigma and 
marshaled for the cause of sticky bee glue 
ooze from the broken stem of dicentra
and its critical mass of diction. 
We are swelling, fecund with words, and wanting another infusion.
Tisane, you say. Tea stain, I reply.
Do you really think honeysuckle or monkshood would?
Or think again, prairie gentian, your stamen are showing.
Manifest destiny means that the bathtub overfloweth
The naked lady there laments those
mossy agates that were her eyes.
Fiddleheads and maidenhair ferns
Do they spread by rhizome?
Did the Tsuga Canadensis sway at the sight of the Betula papyifera?
Her pale skeleton pitched forward to dapple the substrate.
Woodland phlox is not toxic.
Leafy canopy did you write this for me?
Was it viburnum dentatum, 
Wuthering widgets which bewitched me or
Devil’s backbone which deviled claw as 
Dutchman’s breeches did dogwood as
Dittany is doing dianthus?
Did you scabiosa euphorbia my campanula? 
Have I gotten the cohosh up only to bugbane?
Disseminate the sempervivum, live forever my houseleek chick, 
lightening only strikes the most mignon of vignette violas if they let.

Extruded Extract of Aconite

Thursday, May 21, 2009

extract of aconite (arbitrary reign of pejorocracy punctuation)

Tempest fuckit???
jello bracket letterhead alkaloid overlay;;;;
crankshaft wunderkind drivetrain ####
slim wrestlemania ||||
transparent fish trance <<
yonder gazelle glib hijinx command ??
shift tremble doubt delete card ^^
bulk orgasm projective larvae scrutiny{}
Terrace:::: this sip looped cluff

Karen Randall & Karen Eliot