Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kasha varnishkes

Remark crumhorn able knish nemesis. Margin of slam grammar glare gold damar mourning dove. Fortitude ostensible ode yammerer. Vestigial weft, fold, hasp, codex. Clamp glue glamour.

Hem line crumbcake balaika fish odysseus. Margarine of slimmer garnet glory martyr tournequet. Obdurate putative platitude. Poultice swift hymnal, oily lattice, partisan corderoy, chortle chintz. Kismet. Mince mimesis. Dram drab snafu.

Lamb hymnal sand trap lachrymal damp badmitten. Malaise of Milanese. Aged cheddar. Port of tabby cirrus mackerel cloud of chortle hoard of unknowing.

Plaid pimpernel gnosis. Tryst rehearsal dinnerware. Tasmanian miscellanea. Sham snowshoe, faux little Fauntleroy. Dab the dram snafu. Kiss the mince mimesis. Lattice the gold overture. Chasten, listen, hiss.

grimoire dictation

Magic bullet lives alone crystal respite upper Mesopotamia my little scribe. live for lovage and fringed loosestrife.

Angel of eloquence chattering sheep aria Dalmatian conjuring appease the  Cypriot Pikestaff sentence chirp gossamer entrail jackal liturgical hemisphere. pancake. Owl claw.

Hurling pike chaff variant archetype charm eye. 

nevermind. nevermind. grass passwords fast as rye are taller than the eye. which eye? eyebright, sneezeweed, nematode, aster, ix-nay on the hypotenuse. sliver misgivings. 

boutonnière bastion of brisk inscape. selves and silviculture. 

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hearsay, I say hawthorn, crowned with grey echelon. I shell shilling shipmate furtive weasel originally my entourage my black plumage was wan was porphyrean purple. And now all the birds named  Ferdinand have packets of ketchup and take dictation. We say go ahead, smear the statues with mustard, befoul them with guano, with sinister copulatory ministrations. The past is only maudlin wisps consumed as leverage or as gradient constellation of falcons spawning hieroglyphic dust motes. These calques of finger paintings are reduced to bee kisses by which we weld atonal loops to compose mercurial orbit. We, children of the night suppose suppository justice burning out blankets of agrammatical innuendo. Berkeley’s barcode crawdaddy of Edam thunders past us, wedging its crapshoot between driftwood and thimble bulat. Churlish butterfat modifying reindeer dilation with greedy onion jouissance. Twill by twinge engraining our solar plexus, that fugue vermiculite yourself a shibboleth. As if you never knew why they mined the rabbit opacity for caudated potatoes. Lateral gesticulation teases the bird from repose and declares the limits of the equation. The tongue its own plectrum reaching the azimuth self of slab, the thermidor of mutton chop, the libidinous sfumato, murky mercy, crepuscular rain gear.

whiskey was wysiwyg

What was wan was whiskey was wysiwyg. Wild eyed addendum of orange marmalade erstwhile mauve hovering candy coated claw foot over tubercular belly subscript. Lung, I would have, wallaby, if furtive cast about dangled love fetish, not for coil, not for snake oil charming and chintz velocipede. Violet wasn’t why I left without saying marmoset, without imperative elephant confines, without panegyric larkspur myopia, always leading to teeth on Balinese red undercarriage. Postcards to the rain addressed, cascading in listless style sheets, tethered to the newly awakened thief of knife. Marvel how the black footed weasel lacks in gold elixirs and vessel references. I champion this bellwether without divination involving wristwatch, canary, and slip-knotted fiddleheads. Marked by ordinal decay, insubstantial, facetious or fatuous longitudinally speaking x-acto Pekinese speaking canonical immurement partly lovage borage pottage indulgence, partly flush with Dramamine swirled briar bracketed décolletage and wisps deep whalebone corset. This heart airplanes linen pyramiding dragon’s breath. This harp aeronautical initiative is handbill hand glove sock mitten and poppy locket. Seize, escapade, or curvilinear, artichoke is imperative test case tsetse flap-jacket rag doll dagger under yellow swath or switchblade. Shade night, darling, belladonna, how livid was my weasel, how quicksilver I made the Mercurochrome, how I mist manorial, and clasp assiduously for hasp wasp’s nest. And all the lonely weasel listless emporium pot de crème. 

Rhubarb in the raw

  • random axe hexagonal present
  • continual flame lavishing the letter “h”
  • accosting a celandine charnel house with lesser emerald osmosis
  • Iambic isles of spidery gossip
  • Asymmetrical planes of resistance
  • Geese quicksand crabgrass ukulele Argentina
  • Sciatic sartorial femoral omelet momentum
  • Rubicon amphora black syrup short story
  • Stockhausen. Church mouse. 
  • Flotilla. Mandible. Cold enjambment of pomegranate.
  • Totalitarian dickhead.
  • Robustious ignoramus.
  • Chortleberry. Gobstopper.
  • Lascivious mutant curfew.
  • Hound’s tooth plaid ambrosia sugar bombast.
  • Participle drip take flask of fuck effect
  • sedated alembic owl pellet. Tad twister twill ombochure.
  • Pendulum fairy cat skate populist
  • mole chime mistress agrarian
  • Resource hay hotel horticultural swell
  • Lamb alleged. Jim beam hominy mint spleen. Crimp.
  • Bardo bisqueware brass haberdasher.
  • Chill marmorial hemline.
  • Carved echelon pale grey recumbent,
  • red napthol fuselage left blank.
  • Crossed out corset elliptical
  • travesty did titmouse. Said owl, said ferret, said black footed weasel as foot came out and tripped powder blue, burgundian, mean spirited, broadleafed immodest proposition.
  • Purpura furtive weasel.
  • Prominent mad hated expectorate clause modal yawning chasm saw.
  • Hawthorn, thimble.
  • Astonished pondering pimpernel script rubber.
  • Ridicule. Scrimshaw lip balm millennial hemorrhage.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

cc: O AVATAR (a quagmire poem)

what the spool yields, my avatar poses supinely

(see sea o avatar slide down my stale mate)


bee glad humdrum

quantitative caribou aisle & palely loitering


season of mosquito

sprouting in the rain barrel


si si o sea urchin


artic char kiting a check

cadging off to Saginaw


it is a question of merit vs. inheritance

smoke ‘em if you got ‘em


beyond all earning elongated heraldry stands against

fondness for ledger domains & coquettish urls


canopic urns cupping hearts of palm & ivied paradox


regal lumber regarding rook

totally recumbent rococo


jilted queen’s bishop who couldn’t cotton mouth an answer

inspired a leviathan of evaporated empire


milk away maties


reconstituted cornish hen venue augments again


as in sgrafitto

as in salted arrays the spoon-fed boy won’t eat


as in plenty of eyetooth writing verandah pledging placebo

or pledging poignant air guitar.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Beware the wooly adelgid

By reason, no, not by reason, by means of trying to please with the
Exquisite azure I have paid to be seen.
Have paid to be eaten 
Orange Marxist marmalade.
Smear it on your torso and your
Sacrum will ache from all the broom sedge and switch grass-eroo
These are our dispensations for desire 
squared by distance divided by enigma and 
marshaled for the cause of sticky bee glue 
ooze from the broken stem of dicentra
and its critical mass of diction. 
We are swelling, fecund with words, and wanting another infusion.
Tisane, you say. Tea stain, I reply.
Do you really think honeysuckle or monkshood would?
Or think again, prairie gentian, your stamen are showing.
Manifest destiny means that the bathtub overfloweth
The naked lady there laments those
mossy agates that were her eyes.
Fiddleheads and maidenhair ferns
Do they spread by rhizome?
Did the Tsuga Canadensis sway at the sight of the Betula papyifera?
Her pale skeleton pitched forward to dapple the substrate.
Woodland phlox is not toxic.
Leafy canopy did you write this for me?
Was it viburnum dentatum, 
Wuthering widgets which bewitched me or
Devil’s backbone which deviled claw as 
Dutchman’s breeches did dogwood as
Dittany is doing dianthus?
Did you scabiosa euphorbia my campanula? 
Have I gotten the cohosh up only to bugbane?
Disseminate the sempervivum, live forever my houseleek chick, 
lightening only strikes the most mignon of vignette violas if they let.