Wednesday, June 3, 2009

cc: O AVATAR (a quagmire poem)

what the spool yields, my avatar poses supinely

(see sea o avatar slide down my stale mate)


bee glad humdrum

quantitative caribou aisle & palely loitering


season of mosquito

sprouting in the rain barrel


si si o sea urchin


artic char kiting a check

cadging off to Saginaw


it is a question of merit vs. inheritance

smoke ‘em if you got ‘em


beyond all earning elongated heraldry stands against

fondness for ledger domains & coquettish urls


canopic urns cupping hearts of palm & ivied paradox


regal lumber regarding rook

totally recumbent rococo


jilted queen’s bishop who couldn’t cotton mouth an answer

inspired a leviathan of evaporated empire


milk away maties


reconstituted cornish hen venue augments again


as in sgrafitto

as in salted arrays the spoon-fed boy won’t eat


as in plenty of eyetooth writing verandah pledging placebo

or pledging poignant air guitar.

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