Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rhubarb in the raw

  • random axe hexagonal present
  • continual flame lavishing the letter “h”
  • accosting a celandine charnel house with lesser emerald osmosis
  • Iambic isles of spidery gossip
  • Asymmetrical planes of resistance
  • Geese quicksand crabgrass ukulele Argentina
  • Sciatic sartorial femoral omelet momentum
  • Rubicon amphora black syrup short story
  • Stockhausen. Church mouse. 
  • Flotilla. Mandible. Cold enjambment of pomegranate.
  • Totalitarian dickhead.
  • Robustious ignoramus.
  • Chortleberry. Gobstopper.
  • Lascivious mutant curfew.
  • Hound’s tooth plaid ambrosia sugar bombast.
  • Participle drip take flask of fuck effect
  • sedated alembic owl pellet. Tad twister twill ombochure.
  • Pendulum fairy cat skate populist
  • mole chime mistress agrarian
  • Resource hay hotel horticultural swell
  • Lamb alleged. Jim beam hominy mint spleen. Crimp.
  • Bardo bisqueware brass haberdasher.
  • Chill marmorial hemline.
  • Carved echelon pale grey recumbent,
  • red napthol fuselage left blank.
  • Crossed out corset elliptical
  • travesty did titmouse. Said owl, said ferret, said black footed weasel as foot came out and tripped powder blue, burgundian, mean spirited, broadleafed immodest proposition.
  • Purpura furtive weasel.
  • Prominent mad hated expectorate clause modal yawning chasm saw.
  • Hawthorn, thimble.
  • Astonished pondering pimpernel script rubber.
  • Ridicule. Scrimshaw lip balm millennial hemorrhage.

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