Thursday, June 4, 2009

whiskey was wysiwyg

What was wan was whiskey was wysiwyg. Wild eyed addendum of orange marmalade erstwhile mauve hovering candy coated claw foot over tubercular belly subscript. Lung, I would have, wallaby, if furtive cast about dangled love fetish, not for coil, not for snake oil charming and chintz velocipede. Violet wasn’t why I left without saying marmoset, without imperative elephant confines, without panegyric larkspur myopia, always leading to teeth on Balinese red undercarriage. Postcards to the rain addressed, cascading in listless style sheets, tethered to the newly awakened thief of knife. Marvel how the black footed weasel lacks in gold elixirs and vessel references. I champion this bellwether without divination involving wristwatch, canary, and slip-knotted fiddleheads. Marked by ordinal decay, insubstantial, facetious or fatuous longitudinally speaking x-acto Pekinese speaking canonical immurement partly lovage borage pottage indulgence, partly flush with Dramamine swirled briar bracketed décolletage and wisps deep whalebone corset. This heart airplanes linen pyramiding dragon’s breath. This harp aeronautical initiative is handbill hand glove sock mitten and poppy locket. Seize, escapade, or curvilinear, artichoke is imperative test case tsetse flap-jacket rag doll dagger under yellow swath or switchblade. Shade night, darling, belladonna, how livid was my weasel, how quicksilver I made the Mercurochrome, how I mist manorial, and clasp assiduously for hasp wasp’s nest. And all the lonely weasel listless emporium pot de crème. 

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